Tuesday, 18 September 2012

Free Ticket!

Elena Kats Chernin says they sound like angels.

If anyone is interested in attending the Vienna Boys Choir (see blog below) at Perth Concert Hall on Saturday night and hasn't yet got a ticket then this could be your lucky day!

Make a quick comment about which is your fav post on my blog and you'll go in the running to get a free ticket. I'll get back to the winner by Friday.

Hope you can join me, it is going to be a stunning concert!


  1. Musical Architecture because it was the start of something interesting and informative and acknowledging that tarpaulin experience is important for my sanity!

  2. One of my favourites is Music Mondays, because after making me salivate over your descriptions of all the gigs that I have missed, you link me up with all the accessible ways I can satiate my appetite in the coming weeks. Unfortunately I'm not a contender for the Vienna Boys choir - I won't be in town. Sadly for me it was so badly advertised in Canberra that I didn't realise they were visiting until too late.

  3. Really enjoy Music Mondays - didn't realise there was so many things happening! But favourite post was the 'New Music is back at WASO' which I thought captured the performance and I hope it promotes more similar concerts in Perth.

  4. Thanks everyone for commenting, great to know Music Mondays is keeping people in the loop.
    And congratulations to the person who also loved 'New Music is Back at WASO', you have won a free ticket to the Vienna Boys Choir!
    Fortunately I know who you are and will be in touch :-)
    Hope you enjoy(ed) the concert!

    There are other ticket giveaways coming up so stay tuned...